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Praise Card Art

Use this lovely artwork at your wedding, have guests sign it at your reception, and hang it in your first home.

Versatile, elegant and practical!



When it comes time to profess your love for your partner with your Christian wedding, you are sure to see that it will be some of the finer details that will mean the most. While you are celebrating your love for each another with your friends and family, there should also be a rich sense of warmth and love that comes from your faith. When you choose some meaningful Bible verse wall decals to add something special to your big day, you have the ability to bring your event to a whole new level.

Lots of people today are finding unique and beautiful ways to bring scripture wall decals into their lives. From words of inspiration in your home or office to a favorite passage that you share with others at your wedding, there is no limit to what you can create and display to share with others.

No matter what you are interested in saying, you will find the perfect Christian wall decals to go along with your wedding or to give as a gift to a happy couple in your life as they say their vows. Call at 865-362-5389 for more information or to place an order.

Our vinyl looks painted on to the surfaces it is applied to. This is such an elegant way to decorate with your theme!
~Decorate the getaway car with classy lettering not blobs of shaving cream or ugly marking pens
~Easily decorate favors and glasses with your monogram or names
~Decorate the entrance windows of your church or reception
~Decorate the dance floor at your reception - you've never seen anything so lovely!
Select any of the collections below to view pricing and detailed information about the wedding packages.

Application and Removal Instructions

Personalized Favors to match your Praise Wedding Package.


Custom Designs
We are happy to do a custom design for you!
Please give us the following info upon requesting a custom design.
~Event colors
~Event theme
~At least two font preferences - refer to
WP fonts under Create for your options
~Measurements of area within which your lettering and graphics needs to fit
~Digital pictures of door, wall and floor is always helpful to help you visualize exactly what
your lettering will look like on the day of the event.
Click Here to request your Custom Design Now!

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